The Diamond (and Sapphire and Tanzanite) of the Season

Texas Monthly 5/22 7:20A Laura Mallonee
Robert Turner s journey into gem collecting began innocently enough. As an Austinite in the early 1980s, he hunted for the mica, quartz, and other sparkly rocks a kid might find in a museum gift shop....

H&M at Galleria Dallas Reopens with Stunning New H&M Home Shop

Haslet BubbleLife iReporter 5/22 6:58A Kelly Hunter
Global fashion retailer reopens location in Dallas, TX on Thursday, May 23 rd at noon. H&M, the beloved fashion brand, is thrilled to announce the grand reopening of its Galleria Dallas store after an...

“Western” Shoes Have Gone Too Far

Texas Monthly 5/22 6:24A Taylor Prewitt
Western wear has never been a style defined by nuance and subtlety. It may have been derived from necessity, but in the intervening years from gilded boots custom-made by a master craftsman to...

Four Reasons June Is a Great Month in Texas Culture

Texas Monthly 5/22 5:00A Josh Alvarez
musicThe Border, Willie NelsonMay 31 By our count, this is the 91-year-old s 152nd album. (You can see the full list, Willie Nelson Albums, Ranked, on our website.) But with Willie, age doesn t mean a...

The Amazon Linen Set You Need This Summer

Brighton the Day 5/22 4:00A megan hopkins
I bought this Amazon linen set last spring after seeing several influencers post about it. A part of me thought it might be one of those outfits that looks great on everyone else but you (you know the kind). But after getting it is, I was super...

Roar of the Crowd: June 2024

Texas Monthly 5/22 4:00A Texas Monthly
RebukedAs a Texas Monthly fan and an Orthodox Christian, I was doubly disappointed by Rise of the Ortho Bros [April 2024]. The article portrays Reverend John Whiteford as some kind of protofascist, in...

Why You’re Seeing Lauren Larson’s Name So Much

Texas Monthly 5/22 4:00A Dan Goodgame
She was an avid reader from an early age, and though she grew up in Seattle and Baltimore, Lauren Larson especially loved the New Yorker magazine and all the fascinating subcultures its writers would...

The Lost World of 1970s Black Rodeo

Texas Monthly 5/22 3:00A Sarah Bird
I didn t know there were Black cowboys. I was standing in a darkroom, and my friend, the new lab monitor, was hovering over my shoulder. He had just caught sight of the faint tracings of a ghostly...
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