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Long Covid casts a lasting shadow over workers

Dallas Business Journal (Health Care) 10/29 1:56A Emma Jacobs
Most people with Covid-19 recover within two weeks. Some with so-called Long Covid (symptoms lasting longer than three weeks), continue to experience excessive fatigue, breathlessness, headache, insomnia, muscle fatigue and pains, chest pains,...

Pandemic boosts transition to virtual primary care

Dallas Business Journal (Health Care) 10/28 9:19A Jim Molis
Virtual primary care could soon become more common as employers and employees adjust to the new normal of telemedicine as the preferred place of treatment. Once mainly perceived as a way for people to occasionally get urgent care, telemedicine is...

Pfizer urges patience in ‘last mile’ of Covid-19 vaccine process

Dallas Business Journal (Health Care) 10/28 1:58A Hannah Kuchler in New York
Pfizer’s chief executive has urged patience in the “last mile” of Covid-19 vaccine development, after the timeline for an early look at whether a late-stage trial shows its vaccine works was poised to slip into November.
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